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  • camarasa
    08-09 06:00 PM
    Immigration debate: Firms warn of lack of workers
    Federal crackdown could force firings across the state.
    By Susan Ferriss - Bee Staff Writer
    Published 12:00 am PDT Thursday, August 9, 2007

    California businesses, which employ the majority of illegal immigrants throughout the country, are reeling after federal officials announced a new workplace crackdown.

    People in industries as diverse as California's hotels and massive farms, its restaurants and convalescent homes,said Wednesday they are confused and fear they could be forced into mass firings.

    Those at risk are employers who've received letters from the Social Security Administration saying their workers' numbers don't match names in federal databases.

    As early as this month, the Department of Homeland Security plans to require all employers who have received those letters to fire the workers if the discrepancy cannot be resolved relatively quickly.

    The department is planning to use the letters to track down employers and conduct raids if necessary, leading to fines or prosecution of businesses that don't fire the workers in question.

    Homeland Security has been considering using Social Security information as a tool to enforce immigration laws for some time, but officials were waiting to see if Congress would approve changes to put some illegal immigrants on a path to legal residency.

    Central Valley farmers -- and other agricultural interests who provide a huge percentage of the nation's food -- are warning Americans that they believe small businesses could go under and that prices could soar or products could become scarce.

    "This is the nightmare I always hoped we would never get to," said Manuel Cuhna of the Nisei Farmers League, an industry association in the San Joaquin Valley, a cradle of American food production.

    "I'm totally agitated about this," Cuhna said. "Everybody has received those letters, 90 percent of them in the farm industry. We're going to have to shut down the food chain."

    Cuhna said he and others are frustrated because, "One part of the government has been telling us not to fire workers, and now another is going to tell us to fire them."

    Up to this point, the Social Security Administration has instructed employers, in those letters, not to fire their workers but just to inform them of the mismatch.

    Some workers, sensing their covers were blown, voluntarily left jobs after the letters arrived.

    Many California employers see the new Homeland Security policy as an attack on the same businesses that have for years implored Congress to create better tools to help them check the veracity of workers' documents.

    They also were counting on Congress to provide more legal work visas to foreign workers they need in many jobs.

    While some Social Security numbers are stolen by fraudulent document artists, most of the mismatches in numbers are thought to be due to illegal immigrants' use of invented Social Security numbers.

    A Sacramento construction worker who builds sound walls along freeways and housing subdivisions said he has used a fake Social Security number for 10 years.

    "The employers are just going to keep hiring people, but off the books completely," he predicted, requesting that his name not be used out of fear he might be discovered.

    Cuhna said he received a call Wednesday from a California dairy farmer who has received a number of letters informing him of employees' mismatched names and Social Security numbers.

    But his businesses relies on foreign workers willing to do the isolated, messy job of caring for and milking cows, Cuhna said.

    "He's in a panic. If they come and take his workers away, he'll have no one to milk his cows and his cows will die," Cuhna said.

    "I told him, 'Take photos of those cows with their legs up in the air and send it to Congress.' "

    Inside thousands of California dairies, which produce about 20 percent of the nation's milk, "There are a lot of illegal workers, let me tell you that," Cuhna said.

    Jesse Alderete, a labor contractor in the Salinas Valley, the largest producer of U.S. fresh vegetables, said: "This is going to be delicate. There are going to be hundreds of thousands of people running around without jobs."

    Larry Rohlfes, a director of the California Landscaping Contractors Association, said, "I know it's coming, and I know it's going to hurt." Rohlfes' group has been outspoken in admitting employers probably have undocumented workers on their payrolls. The same employers say they have done all that was required of them to check employee documents, copy them and keep them on file.

    He predicted that dismissed landscapers will enter the underground economy.

    Trying to ferret out workers by following Social Security's mismatch letters might also backfire by sparking a greater demand for cards with stolen Social Security numbers, said some former Homeland Security officials.

    "This will, frankly, spur more identity theft of legitimate legal residents' and American citizens' documents," said Victor Cerda, a Washington, D.C., immigration lawyer who was in charge of removal of illegal immigrants while with Homeland Security.

    He said the new policy was a "dramatic shift" toward putting the responsibility for illegal immigration on employers, a good shift but too "piecemeal" because it doesn't address a real demand for labor.

    "Is Congress really going to line up with Homeland Security when enforcement goes into their neighborhoods, and disrupts business and they start hearing from constituents?" Cerda asked.

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  • indio0617
    07-20 10:43 AM
    I got a brilliant idea guys, I am sure it is not new but it looks now is the right time to pursue it.
    Apparently it would be very difficult to fight FBI namechek delays. After USCIS was swamped with a pile of cases due to visa retrogression fiasco the processing times most probably will increase significantly. The visa retrogression is going to be reinstated.
    Also there is a great injustice to those who had to go through the BEC black hole.
    I think everybody agrees that the current green card process is a lottery where winners get everything in a couple of months and losers wait sometimes 10 years. (Yes I know such cases).

    So how to fix all this in a way that it would not affect negatively anybody?
    The answer might be very simple: Count the time spent waiting in the administration created lines towards citizenship. In other words the 5 year count starts not when one get the green card but from one�s priority date. After all it is not the immigrant's fault that he has the same name as someone who saw a suspicious person on the plane and was questioned by FBI as a witness.
    This would PARTIALLY restore justice without punishing anybody.

    USCIS will be happy as it would take off some pressure from their delays.

    Legislators are happy as more people will be able to vote for them.

    Immigration lawyers are happy as the measure would not take away their revenue, in fact it may even increase it.

    All those who say in numerous interviews on TV �.. we are a nation of immigrants and we support LEGAL immigration but we do not want amnesty�� are happy or would have to admit that they are happy to save the face.

    The current losers in immigration process would automatically catch up (almost) with the luckiest ones.

    Immigrationvoice will be happy as I am sure many current waiters and even those who already got their green cards would contribute to support the measure.

    Anti immigrants are NOT UNHAPPY since the measure does not increase the number of immigrants.

    Employers are NOT UNHAPPY since the measure does not affect them in any way.

    If immigrationvoice has desire and resources to suggest and support a measure to the legislature it better concentrate on this rather that on something like �� make FBI report namecheck results to the applicants..�.
    Of course it would require changes to the current legislature but I cannot imagine that somebody would come out with a sensible reason against it.


    IV core has thought about this specific proposal before and it is already on our radar. Thanks for suggesting though.

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  • boston_gc
    07-09 11:01 PM
    I am sure there are many guys in this forum as frustrated as I am and we all have been wondering what our other options are. I also know that lot of people have started to think very seriously about immigration to other countries.

    Based on our current circumstances, I have been wondering if it will be worth making a collective effort. In other words, how about if wrote an open and collective letter to leaders of the other immigrant friendly countries about our interest in immigration to their country for the mutual economic and professional benefits. I know this sounds a little silly but if USA is not ready to recognize and appreciate the benefits of legal immigrant community then I am sure there will be several other countries willing to benefit from this situation and gain competitive excellence. After all, we are all professionals and we all have lot to offer to the economy of today's competitive world. I believe we deserve a little better than we got right now.

    Any thoughts?

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  • adobe howm
    09-05 12:46 PM

    It should come with in a week. It all depends on whether you filed your I-485 through attorney or not. For me they send it on 08/29/08. My attorneys informed me on 09/04/2008.

    Hope that helps

    Well - not really.

    I was issued on 20th, Aug. but neither me nor my attorney got no clue. some received it within a week but some like me - 2 weeks passed already but still waiting. hope you will get yours soon. please share here when you do so.


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  • apnair2002
    09-08 02:12 PM
    Great Work Shilpa

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  • grupak
    08-29 11:43 AM
    We have a wealth of information from A to Z on US Immigration, why dont we ourselves write articles and editorials and get them published in the News Papers, Journals, etc?

    Why are we waiting for some one to come to us and take information to write articles on us. Does Newspapers check the background of authors to verify if they are citizens/non-citizens/green card holders/ H1B's. What all matters to them is quality and authenticity of the articles.

    Do you folks think this a good option to pursue?

    Lets put it to work.


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  • risksk8board
    01-18 05:05 AM
    very impressive.

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  • sivaramakrishna
    07-09 10:50 AM
    Happiness is Important in Life.We should live there , where we feel happy.Again what makes a person happy depends on that individual.We should be able to differentiate between Real Happiness and Pseudo Happiness.


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  • malibuguy007
    10-01 10:48 PM
    Just thought I would share this with you guys. In the US a total of $306 billion were contributed to charity last year and here we are having trouble raising money for our own good - donations that would have a direct impact!!

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  • ashoka
    09-25 12:38 PM
    How do I see or get LUD for I140 ? Mine was approved in DEC, 2006. Applied 485 in August 2nd week. Will I also get LUD?


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  • milind70
    08-26 11:03 AM
    Check with your lawyer. Extension beyond 6 yrs is not available if you are eligible to apply for I485. If you are not able to apply for 485 because of retrogression, you can extend your H1 beyond 6 yrs (of course, it doesnt apply to you).

    This is not correct. you can apply for 1 year extensions if you have applied for 485 and is pending.

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  • MCQ
    08-07 05:28 PM
    I should have added - I'm STILL employed by them - that's how smart and forward looking they are - been bought over twice, but same management is still in charge of my division and same attitude still prevails



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  • singhsa3
    09-15 11:47 AM
    Folks there are three threads on the forum that are targeting the similar objective.

    Please join on the IV CHAT on Wednesday (09/17/08) 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time to discuss one course of action.
    Please RSVP

    This meeting is online and is for an hour.

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  • ras
    08-29 12:36 PM
    I am kind of thinking of getting a template kind of system where in members can involve and put in their thoughts and once an article ( of some interest) reaches to a final stage and gets approved by the majority it would be forwarded to the news papers / Journals.

    I am not sure how much time it takes, but let me try out crystallizing the thoughts towards this end.

    Would be great, if few people can join me in this endeavor. PM folks/writers who wish to involve themselves in this process.

    This is a process that has to evolve and please do not have expectations as to see results right away.

    However, if some one is ready to take the lead.... Please take over...


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  • milind70
    08-15 08:34 AM
    and since you applications are not being filed with I-485 you will have to pay the new fee.

    I dont think that is the case please refer to question 37 in FAQ 3.

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  • mmk123
    02-19 06:40 AM
    No insurance here covers pre-existing conditions. sorry... Others can correct me, but only india network plan covers emergency conditions that arise from pre-existing conditions.. at least better than nothing. Hence, plan accordingly. You can still get expensive plans with a better coverage but still they don't cover any pre-existing conditions. Regarding normal situations, one of my friends had good experience with them for one of the claims.. pls note, i have nothing to do with them and not a PR for them.

    if you shop more, you should get a comprehensive plan that covers everything but will be interesting to see how affordable it will be..

    hope this helps, good luck.


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  • GCard_Dream
    08-07 12:21 PM
    If you can't decide, give him a blue dot. :confused:

    initially I was mad, becasue I remembered the revised July 2007 visa bulletin that came out declaring a reversal. Since NSC is going slow, I thought that DOS has once again pulled back on the dates. Later on I realized that its a mistake by the thread owner and got pissed off, and finally all I can do is laugh on the entire brohaha. Can't decide if we should give red dots OR green dots to the thread owner

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  • gc_chahiye
    08-15 04:57 AM
    Greencard fever -why take so much pain with your gc when you plan to rellocate to india/currently its even hard to predict when can one receive the gc. One can always visit US on tourist visa which is the most easy part. My opinion is only if one does not want to settle in US -

    there could be issues getting a tourist visa (non-immigration intent) once you have filed your I-140 here and displayed immigration intent.

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  • jjjun
    10-02 02:26 PM
    It is for pending 485. I do not have RFE now. Because i saw so many rfe issued by CIS. I left my previous company few month ago. The previous attorney can not represent me anymore. But he is willing to send me the rfe if he receive it. Do I still need to hire another attorney to represent me if there is rfe or i can do it by myself.


    08-15 04:57 AM
    Greencard fever -why take so much pain with your gc when you plan to rellocate to india/currently its even hard to predict when can one receive the gc. One can always visit US on tourist visa which is the most easy part. My opinion is only if one does not want to settle in US -

    there could be issues getting a tourist visa (non-immigration intent) once you have filed your I-140 here and displayed immigration intent.

    02-15 09:49 PM
    Bank denied a consumer loan ,after approval due to immigration status specifically they said no loan unless you are a citizen. i am a permanent resident , leaving in the US for over 15 years. Applying for naturalization this year. Also the same bank had approved a consumer loan 2 years ago and now they say "oh we made a mistake then". Case or no case? I think I have been discriminated against.

    Federal Trade Commission [FTC] indicates at:
    Mortgage Discrimination (
    "[A lender cannot] consider your sex, race, or national origin, although you will be asked to disclose this information voluntarily to help federal agencies enforce anti-discrimination laws. A creditor may consider your immigration status and whether you have the right to remain in the country long enough to repay the debt. "

    The above information is relevant to Mortgage loans, but other loans may be subject to similar anti-discrimination statutes.

    Follow the "If You Suspect Discrimination" section of the above web page to file a complaint.

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